Wednesday, October 26, 2011

REVIEW : Real Steel

Hugh Jackman in character in a boxing pose in front of a large boxing robot in a similar pose.

Release : 13 October 2011

Starring : Hugh Jackman (Charlie Kenton),Dakota Goyo(Max Kenton),Evangeline Lilly(Bailey Tallet),Kevin  Durand (Ricky),Hope Davis(Debra),Anthony Mackie(Finn),Olga Fonda (Farra Lemcova),James Rebhorn(Marvin)

The story is set in future where human have been replaced by robots in boxing.Its started when Charlie Kenton a former boxer loses a bet to Ricky a promoter.He bet that his robot Ambush would win a match to a bull belong to Ricky.But,he got unlucky and Ambush is destroyed by the bull.Now he owes Ricky $20,000 which he doesn't pay before leaving.

Then,Charlie is informed that his ex girlfriend has died and leave him a custody to Max,his son that he never met.But,Max's auntie(Debra) and uncle(Marvin) want the full custody of Max.Marvin are willing to pay Charlie $100,000 on 1 condition that Charlie have to take care Max for 3 months while they are away for vacation.With $50,000 advance in his hand,Charlie buy a secondhand WRB league robot,once famous Noisy Boy.And that's when the father-son adventure begin.

If you want to know the ending of this action pack movie,go to the nearest cinema.I wouldn't want to spoil the surprises :).Personally,i like this movie and if i could watch this movie again,i would.All in all i give the movie 4 star.

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